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Other Building Accessories

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Pub Signs

Product no.: GL061

This set contains 2 complete pub signs and an extra deer head. The set is cut from 1 sheet of thin laser cut black cardboard and 1 sheet of very thick laser cut carton. These pub signs will be a very detailed addition to your miniature pub or bar.
6.95 *

Door Hinges, 7 different types

Product no.: GL078

This set of hinges is a very handy item for the scratch builder or super detailer. The set contains 7 different types of hinges (42 hinges in total) which are laser cut from 0,6mm thick black cardboard. A very handy set indeed!

7.50 *

Wrought Iron Fence incl. gate, 2 pieces

Product no.: GL079

This set contains 2 beautiful wrought iron fences and 2 gates laser cut from 0,6mm black cardboard. The detail on these fences and gates is very fine and they will surely be a great addition to your vignette or diorama. Figure not included.
10.75 *

Roof Tiles

Product no.: GL060

This is a set of roof tiles in scale 1/35 - 54mm laser cut from reddish brown thin cardboard. The set is enough to cover an area of 10 x 6cm. Ideal for scratchbuilders.
5.50 *

Window Set, 4 pcs.

Product no.: GL083-3

This is a set of 4 windows measuring 38 x 26mm (HxW). Thet are laser cut from black cardboard and will save the scratch builder of houses a lot of time! A nice and very handy set.
5.00 *

Wooden Door 1

Product no.: GL110

This is a kit for a super detailed old wooden door in scale 1/35 - 54mm. It is laser cut from real wood and also contains laser cut cardboard for the doors hardware. The door measures 55 x 25,5mm (HxW) and is a great, super detailed time saver for scratchbuilders.
4.02 *

Fascia stones, 3,8cm x 1,3cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS300

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 3,2cm x 1,3cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS301

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 1,9cm x 1,3cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS302

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 3,8cm x 0,64cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS320

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 3,2cm x 0,64cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS321

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 1,9cm x 0,64cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS322

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 1,3cm x 0,64cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS323

4.58 *

Fascia stones, 0,64cm x 0,64cm - 20pcs.

Product no.: HS324

4.58 *

Steel Railing - 2pcs. of 17,5 x 3,2cm

Product no.: HS605

5.03 *

Wall Section With Arcades, Smooth Regular Cut Stone

Product no.: WALL12

This is an easy to cut foam wall section. Sheet measures 12,5 x 25cm and is suitable for scale 1/48, 1/35 & 54mm.

10.12 *

Full Bricks - 1000 pcs.

Product no.: HS120

14.18 *

Half Bricks - 40 pcs.

Product no.: HS121

4.58 *
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