Our Philosophy!

Reality in Scale!

The ideas for Reality in Scale started in 2006 we felt that existing diorama products sometimes where of poor quality (especially plaster items) and lacked originallity. Also the absence of  small items which are needed to finish a kit was a common source of annoyance (you’re supposed to supply your own piece of plastic rod, tubing or wire, to name a few).

Reality in Scale has the strong intention to design, produce and market diorama products in a different way. Our main drivers are the following:

1. Quality

Our casted products are made of high quality resin filled with micro balloons for a light and strong product with very good sanding and sawing characteristics. We use vacuum technique and pressure pots in the mould making and casting process to ensure virtually bubble free and smooth castings of a very good quality. All scratch building, casting and packaging is done in-house to ensure maximum quality control. Still, if a certain part is damaged or otherwise not useable, we will replace it free of charge.

2. Originality

From the start, we decided to aim for original products that we felt where lacking from existing producers. By looking at our products you might see that the emphasis of the Reality in Scale products is on the main architectural periods (Baroque/Renaissance and Classicism) of which very few items are available in 1/35th scale. And that’s a pity as the most beautiful and impressive buildings and structures are from these periods and they do make miniatures which are an absolute pleasure to paint!

3. Completeness

Our products are very complete! Almost every kit contains clear instructions and often the kit is accompanied by a full colour A4 sheet of inspirational reference pictures to aid in the painting process. Furthermore everything is included to finish the kit even a piece of steel wire if that’s needed.

4. Reality!

Reality in Scale is not just a brand name it’s what we want our products to be: a miniature that reflects reality as closely as possible. For example, our carpets are professionally printed on real fibre cloth, the streetsigns and advertising signs are really enamelled using a special procedure and the flags are printed on real cotton sheet. And also our pricing could be called realistic!


At Reality in Scale, we work really hard to produce a high quality, original and useful line of diorama products. We hope that you feel we succeeded in that and hope you´ll find some interesting products which will give you a lot of pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction in your coming modelling projects!

Happy modelling!