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Miniature Architecture

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Ruined Buddha Temple

Product no.: 35270

This super detailed kit contains one huge resin casting and a complete small palm tree. Kit measures 17 x 14 x 10 cm (H x W x D). Scale 1/48, 1/35 and larger.

45.00 *

Old Factory Gate

Product no.: 35269

Kit contains 7 super detailed resin pieces. Finished gate measures 35 x 12 cm. Scale 1/35

25.00 *

Ruined Clock Tower

Product no.: 35267

Kit contains one very large casting and a tiny satue. Tower measures 22cm x 12cm x 7,5cm (H x W x D). Scale 1/35.

35.00 *

The Old Barn

Product no.: 35256

This is a super detailed kit of a large old barn with numerous details throughout. The interior is also fully detailed!

45.76 *
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French House

Product no.: 35255

This is a superbly detailed kit of a typical Frenh House. Master by the famous French mastermodeller Emmanuel Nouaillier.

35.59 *
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French Shop "Charcuterie"

Product no.: 35254

This is a superbly detailed kit of a typical French "Charcuterie".  Master by the French mastermodeller Emmanuel Nouaillier.

35.59 *
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Modern / Middle Eastern Wall

Product no.: 35251

This is a simple but well detailed kit of a modern wall with iron door. Perfect for a midle eastern setting but without the decal, it can be used in any modern setting.

15.20 *
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Large Factory Facade with Base

Product no.: 35250

This is a very tall resin kit of a factory facade which can be used as a small vignette or can be integrated in a larger diorama. The factory is superbly detailed and includes a full colour Steyr/Puch decal. A magnificent centrepiece for any urban/industrial diorama!

30.45 *
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Modern / Middle Eastern Shop

Product no.: 35249

This is a resin kit of a typical modern shop. This building is perfect as a Middle Eastern shop but without the arab decal, it can be used in any modern setting.

25.37 *
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North African House

Product no.: 35247

This is a beautiful, highly detailed resin kit of a typical North African house. It features many details throughout the building and is fully casted in high quality resin. It will make a great centrepiece for any North African diorama.

35.59 *
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Large Factory

Product no.: 35237

Key Features

-This large kit contains 10 highly detailed resin pieces

-Includes clear and milky white sheet for the windows and several enamel and wooden signs

-Finished factory measures 23 x 6,5 x 19cm (WxDxH)

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

-Master by Roy Schurgers, painting by Mike McLaughlin (Military Modelling Magazine)

-In one of the pictures, the Large Factory is shown together with our other smaller factory which is available seperatly (kitno. 35204)

45.76 *
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Ruined North African House

Product no.: 35223

Kit contains 7 resin pcs. & brass detail parts. House measures 11x4,2x19cm (WxDxH). Scale 1/35 - 54mm. Master by Roy Schurgers, painting by Corné van Delen.
35.59 *
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Large Ruined Farmhouse - COLOUR CASTED!

Product no.: 35220

This is our second kit that benefits from a new invention by Reality in Scale:


All the parts are casted in 3 realistic colours. Besides looking very pleasing, the big benefit of colour casting is that you could "paint" the kit by only using washes, filters and dry brushing. On the last picture, you can see the unpainted colour cast parts.

Kit contains 15 resin pcs. casted in 3 different colors (bordeaux, orange & brown), stained glass windows and glazing sheet. Farm measures 20,5x4,5x20,3cm (WxDxH).

40.62 *
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Large Egyptian Gate

Product no.: 35217

This is a very large kit of a typical Egyptian entrance gate to a temple with numerous details on all sides.

The kit includes 13 very detailed resin pcs. Gate measures 32x9x17cm (WxDxH).

This gate is suitable for scale 1/72 up to 1/32.

This gate will look very good with the Egyptian statues we sell seperately.

50.79 *
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Small Industrial Shed

Product no.: 35222

Scale 1/35 - 54mm. Kit contains 3 resin pcs. Shed measures 5x4,8x18,2cm (WxDxH). Master by Roy Schurgers/Olav Smeets, painting by Corné van Delen.
18.25 *
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Tall Egyptian Sekhmet Statue

Product no.: 35216

2 Resin pcs. Statue is 15cm tall.

Suitable for all scales.

10.12 *
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Roadside Chapel

Product no.: 35004

This Roadside Chapel is typically found on the side of the road in rural areas and is used by travellers or by-passers for a short prayer or over thinking. Sometimes, there is no door in such chapel to emphasize the open character. This type of chapel is somewhat typical for The Netherlands, Belgium and France but could be found throughout Europe. This great miniature building will be a great centrepiece of any vignette or diorama!

The kit has been designed to represent stucco walls, a tar plated wooden roof and is richly decorated on the frontand on the inside. The side windows are stained glass and on the inside you'll find a very colourful religious image (represented in the kit by a quality decal), a pedestal, a statue of a Saint and a large candle holder with candle. This beautiful chapel will be a great centrepiece of any diorama or vignette!

25.37 *
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Round Baroque Fountain

Product no.: 35017

This kit represents a round baroque fountain of the end of the 16th century. The main structure is build up of large rough natural stones. The fountain is richly decorated throughout as is typical for the Baroque style period and is crowned by a classical bronze Greek bust. It will surely be an eye catcher in your vignette or diorama!
19.83 *
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Egyptian Bastet Statue

Product no.: 35231

This statue is not produced by us but imported from Egypt. Statue measures 2,3x5,5x8cm (WxDxH). Suitable for all scales.

8.08 *
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North African Housefront

Product no.: 35023

This large kit contains a huge single casting for the main part of the housefront, a quarter "ball" to top of the house, small stairs and a tiled floor base. The house is very typical for North African architecture and has been thoroughly researched, like all our products. This is a very big, well detailed kit that will be the highlight of your North African diorama.
40.62 *
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Baroque Gate 17th Century

Product no.: 35024

This Baroque Gate is our biggest and most impressive diorama kit so far. The gate is beautifully detailed from top to bottom with numerous decorations like statues, busts, urns and reliefs. Painting this extremely detailed kit will be a great pleasure and should keep you busy for quite some evenings! This miniature gate will definately be a very impressive centrepiece in your diorama; imagine the contrast of a brutal Kingtiger driving in front of this serene Baroque Gate...
60.96 *
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Renaissance Gate

Product no.: 35031

This delicately detailed gate has been designed to represent an entrance gate to a 17th century villa although it could also represent a park gate or a secondary city gate. The 2 "green man" masks to the sides of the gate really give character to this model. Right above the gate is a sign with the name of the villa´s owner "Marcus Antonius Barbarum" and on top of that, in the shell decoration are his intitials. It was common practice to include the name of the owner somewhere on the building. This Renaissance gate measures 25,3x16x1cm and will be a beautiful and original backdrop for your vignette or diorama.
27.96 *
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Ancient Columns 56 B.C.

Product no.: 35036

This Impressive set of Ionic Columns and a classic statue represent the remains of what was once a Roman temple, bathhouse or governemental building, long before our time. This set has been researched thoroughly and is historically accurate. This architectural miniature is beautifully detailed throughout and will surely be an original and stunning background for your diorama.
40.62 *
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16th Century Renaissance Fountain

Product no.: 35056

This kit represents a Renaissance Fountain of the end of the 16th century. The main structure is octagonal in shape and is decorated with small Ionic Columns at each of the corners. In between the columns, beautiful female masks can be found. The main fountain pillar is richly decorated with the four mythological masks being the highlight. Also the fountain's top end is full of lovely details that will be a pleasure to paint! This very detailed classical fountain will surely be a highlight in your vignette or diorama!
19.83 *
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The Shrine

Product no.: 35060

This large beautiful miniature shrine in classicism style is subtely detailed and decorated and is adored by 4 colourful decals. The heart of this symetrical shrine contains a small statue of a saint. This miniature shrine will be a serene centrepiece in any diorama or vignette!
19.83 *
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"Caryatide" Ruined Theatre

Product no.: 35071

This very detailed miniature represents a theatre building ruin in classic style featuring 2 partly damaged caryatids carrying arches. A Caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or pillar. The caryatids stand on a nice pedestal decorated with a fierce looking lion head. This ruin will look great in the corner of your next vignette or diorama and is superbly detailed inside and out!
30.25 *
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Villa Palladio

Product no.: 35074

This beautifull Baroque city villa is one of our most ambitious projects so far. The villa is decorated from top to bottom with very detailed figure heads, bas reliefs and putti (cherubs), all of which are very typical for baroque architecture. The sides of the villa are decorated with very colourful frescos which are represented by high quality decals in the kit. A very detailed stained glass window is also included, printed on thin acetate sheet. This fine addition to our miniature architecture series is a true multimedia kit as it further contains wallpaper for the inside of the building, a carpet, enamelled streetsigns for 4 countries and brass eyebolts and chain for the streetpoles. A complete streetsection is also included measuring 30x17,5cm.  This super detailed kit is an instant diorama base and is something out of the ordinary which will surely stand out at any modelling show!
43.67 *
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The Farmhouse

Product no.: 35076

The architectural style of this farmhouse is typical for The Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Germany. The kit is very detailed from top to bottom. The farmhouse features typical brickwork, a roof with partly tiles partly straw and has seperate shutters and door. Glazing for the windows is included as well as 2 stained glass windows, plastic strip and a door knob. This farmhouse will surely be a great centrepiece of your diorama!
27.96 *
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The Palazzo (scale 1/48)

Product no.: 35077

The Palazzo is our first 1/48 scale kit. It's a miniature example of Renaissance Palazzo architecture of the 16th century. These types of Palazzo's originate from Italy but can be found in several European cities. This kit features a beautifully detailed section of a Palazzo and includes a section of sidewalk and a road in "crazy paving" style. The Palazzo is a beautifull setting for your next 1/48 AFV or softskin.
24.91 *
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Ionic Column Set

Product no.: 35103

This set of large Ionic columns will come in handy for many diorama settings as columns like these can be found in Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Crete, Sicily, Italy and Greece, among other places. These columns have been researched thoroughly and are an exact replication of ancient columns. They could be used for a very broad period in time from before the brirth of Christ until today. It will surely be an impressive addition to your diorama scene!

Suitable for all scales.

23.34 *
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