Figure Bases

Figure Bases

Figure Bases
Our figure bases are smaller then the vignette bases and are designed for 1 maximum 2 figures. Although they are small, there are no concessions in terms of detail!

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The Old Pier

Product no.: 35196

This is a very picturesque little scene to put your figure(s) on containing no less then 13 pieces for a super detailed vignette! The main floor of the pier measures 9x5cm so there should be room for up to 3 figures. This pier will be a perfect match with our rowing boat and Water Bird kits (kit no. 35205 "Rowing Boat" and kitno. 35211 "Water Bird Set", see category "Resin Accessories").

18.25 *
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"1641" Renaissance Building Section

Product no.: 35053

This figure base features a very detailed section of a Renaissance building with beautifull decorations throughout! The main frame in the middle of the wall holds a very detailed bas relief of 2 Greek women at a well and on top of the triangular pediment are two cherubs or Putti which where very common elements in Renaissance architecture. This base could hold a maximum of two 54mm figures and will be a true pleasure to paint and weather!
15.20 *
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Ruined Ionic Column

Product no.: 35055

This beautifully detailed figure base consists of a ruined column with part of the destroyed Ionic capital and other very detailed debris at the base of the column. This figure base is a beautiful backdrop for any figure from the ancient Greeks until a WWII Fallschirmjäger!
15.20 *
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Chapel Section

Product no.: 35070

The chapel section is a very atmospheric figure base that could contain up to 2 figures. The stained glass window is a perfect finishing touch for this nicely detailed chapel.
19.06 *
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The Bust

Product no.: 35080

This delicate figure base consists of a small decorated tiled base, a small pedestal and a beautifull bust of a young girl. Also included in this kit are a choice of 2 extremely realistic carpets printed on furry paper for that Reality in Scale look! The Bust will be a very atmospheric base to put your historic figure on.
11.95 *
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The Urn

Product no.: 35081

This is a classic figure base consisting of a small section of cobblestone road, a very decorative pedestal and a beautifully detailed classic urn. It will be a perfect base for historical figures from many different era's and should be a pleaseure to paint and weather.
12.71 *
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Ancient Column Ruin (for 75mm & 90mm figures)

Product no.: 35094

This Ancient Column Ruin is our first figure base for the larger scale 75mm/90mm. It depicts a damaged Greek/Roman Ionic Column on a base covered with very detailed debris. It could be used for figures from the ancients until current day making it a very versatile backdrop for your figures.
21.86 *
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Ruined House Section

Product no.: 35097

This is a simple yet effective figure base but don't be mistaken, in true Reality in Scale style, it is a very detailed miniature with several extra's to give the model some added personality. All the stone and woodwork has a very realistic look and will be a joy to paint and weather. This figure base can be used for 1/35 or 54mm miniatures from a wide timespan from the 17 hundreds until nowadays.
16.22 *
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The Harbour

Product no.: 35099

The Harbour is a very atmospheric figure base including many typical items like an anchor, bollard, barrel and a sack and wooden box. The harbour will be a joy to paint as so many details are incorporated in the small base. This 1/35 - 54mm miniature will be a picturesque setting for a lot of different figures from long ago until the mid 20th century!
17.24 *
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Pillar with Lion

Product no.: 35166

This is a nicely detailed, classical looking figure base which has enough room to accomodate 1-3 figures. It is a perfect, subtle backdrop for any figure or group of figures.
15.20 *
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Column with Stairs

Product no.: 35192

This nicely detailed figure base consists of a ruined column on a base with large sandstones. This figure base is a beautiful backdrop for any figure from the ancient Greeks until a WWII Fallschirmjäger!
15.20 *
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Pedestal Set - 4 pcs.

Product no.: 35167

This is a very handy set of 4 different pedestal. These are ideal to create a scene where the statue has been stolen and the pedestal is left, something that very frequently happens in war situations. All pedestals in this set feature excellent detail throughout and will be a joy to paint and weather. Next to their use in dioramas, these pedestals are also perfect to act as a figure base.
13.17 *
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