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Corinthian Column Set - 2 pcs.

Product no.: 35155

This is a set of 2 large, superbly detailed Corinthian columns. These items are quite unique as there are not many classical architecturally correct columns around. There are 2 complete columns in this set, each 22,5cm high. These beautiful columns can be used in many ways, either to stand alone in a diorama or to be used as part of a classical building.

Suitable for all scales.

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The Palazzo (scale 1/48)

Product no.: 35077

The Palazzo is our first 1/48 scale kit. It's a miniature example of Renaissance Palazzo architecture of the 16th century. These types of Palazzo's originate from Italy but can be found in several European cities. This kit features a beautifully detailed section of a Palazzo and includes a section of sidewalk and a road in "crazy paving" style. The Palazzo is a beautifull setting for your next 1/48 AFV or softskin.
24.91 *
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The Farm Gate

Product no.: 35095

This kit represents an old farm gate with very fine details throughout. The doors in the gate come in 3 parts and are beautifully detailed on both sides. Some brass parts for the door's details, a large poster set for many different countries and real enameled house number signs are also included in this very complete kit.
20.08 *
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Basic Column Set

Product no.: 35183

This is a basic column set consisting of 3 ruined, fluted columns with base and one small column section. This set has plenty uses in many georgaphical areas.

Suitable for all scales.

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Entrance Gate

Product no.: 35136

The Entrance Gate depicts a typical entrance to a large villa, palazzo or castle. This vignette base has subtle details throughout with lovely rough stonework, a nicely sculpted lion and a choice of wooden gate or laser cut iron gate. It also contains a laser cut cobblestone road section measuring 13,5x9cm so there is plenty of room for a couple of figures, horses or a small vehicle. Of course you can also put the wall on a large road section.
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Fachwerk House 1

Product no.: 35132

This typical Fachwerk House can be found in many European countries like France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, etc. It's build out of wooden beams with a brick structure in between. Sometimes the bricks are plastered. This is a very detailed kit of a Fachwerk house and it has been properly researched.
25.37 *
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Fachwerk Chapel

Product no.: 35135

This is a very charming and amazingly detailed chapel in the typical "fachwerk" style. It features detailed brickwork on both sides, laser cut windows, window decorations and iron gate, decals, flowers and interior details. Instructions a nd full colour reference pictures are also included. This chapel has tons of character and will be a highlight in many types of dioramas!
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The Old Harbour

Product no.: 35160

The Old Harbour is one of our biggest products so far. It looks very impressive featuring 2 levels with a massive amount of fine details and plenty of room for several vehicles and figures. There are many different dioramas possible with the harbour only limited by your imagination!
50.79 *
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Old Warehouse Facade

Product no.: 35161

This is a beautifully detailed facade of an old warehouse with a large wooden gate and a dedestroyed window covered with wooden planks. The warehouse can be used in any diorama and will fit perfectly to our Old Harbour.
20.29 *
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Late Renaissance Church Facade

Product no.: 35175

This is our biggest and we think most impressive miniature building so far. It represents a late Renaissance church with breathtaking detailing from top to bottom. It's architecture is perfectly in line with real churches of the late renaissance. This Renaissance church will absolutely be a stunning background for any diorama from the 17th century onwards.
76.26 *
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Large Stone Bridge

Product no.: 35188

This is a full resin kit of a large stone bridge. It features nicely detailed stonework, a curved cobblestone road and nice decorations to be placed on the middle of the bridge. The bridge is 30cm long and the road is 10cm wide so the bridge can accomodate vehicles up to a Panzer IV. The bridge could be used in a city or rural setting.
40.62 *
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Small North African House

Product no.: 35191

This is a superbly detailed little North African House facade. The small house is very typical for the North African region and is used by poor people who can't afford a bigger house. The kit is casted in resin and includes steel wire mesh for the windows. The building itself is casted in one piece (tricky mold, great result)! This house will look great in any (small) North African setting and will look great together with our other North African Building (kitno. 35023 North African Housefront).
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The Factory

Product no.: 35204

Contains 9 highly detailed resin pieces and 8 enamel signs. Finished kit measures 16,8 x 14 x 4,5cm (WxHxD). Scale 1/35 - 54mm. Master by Roy Schurgers, painting by Michael McLaughlin.
35.59 *
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North African House

Product no.: 35207

Contains 8 highly detailed resin pieces, 1 decal and printed windows. Includes an interior tiled floor. Finished house measures 15,8 x 13,5 x 5cm (WxHxD). Scale 1/35 - 54mm. Master and painting by Roy Schurgers.
30.45 *
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The Old Wall

Product no.: 35046

This kit represents a plastered wall on which chunks of plaster have worn off to reveal the stonework underneath. The heavy wooden gate is nicely decorated by 2 mythological creatures. A small pitoresque wall fountain is mounted on the right side of the wall and the 2 pillars are topped of by 2 nice plain urns.
23.13 *
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31 - 45 of 45 results