Resin Roads & Sidewalks

Resin Roads & Sidewalks
This section contains a selection of resin roads, sidewalks and similar items. Truly basic stuff for your dioramas but with the detail and originality you can expect from Reality in Scale!

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Small Road Section

Product no.: 35252

This is a very nice small road section which is a perfect base for a small vehicle or a small vignette. This base consists of large concrete panels, a section of brick road and a section of earth including 2 tree stumps. Small but ver detailed indeed!

12.71 *
In stock

Large Cobblestone Road with Sidewalks

Product no.: 35238

-This is a very detailed single casting of a large cobblestone road with sidewalks, tram lines, storm drains and manhole covers

-Street measures 27,5 x 19,5cm

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

-Master by Olav Smeets, painting by Jeroen Plettenberg

-Vehicle, figures and accessories not included with kit. Crates and boxes are availble seperatly (kitno. 35163)

19.83 *
In stock

Sidewalk, Square Tiles

Product no.: 35033

This beautifully detailed sidewalk consists of square tiles that have seen some beating and are suitable cracked and damaged, as are the curbstones.

12.15 *
In stock

Old Cobblestone Road, large stones

Product no.: 35035

This cobblestone road has been designed to represent an old road with relatively large rectangular cobblestones that have seen quite some traffic and are suitably worn and uneven.
11.13 *
In stock

Round Cobblestones Road Section

Product no.: 35054

A small but well detailed section of a cobblestone road (rounded cobbles) measuring 13 x 9,7 cm. Ideal for a figure vignette or to occupy a small vehicle.
10.12 *
In stock

Large Road Section

Product no.: 35058

This nicely detailed large road section is a perfect basis for your next diorama. The stones in this road featurea very realistic structure and are suitably worn and uneven. Master by Roy Schurgers!

13.17 *
In stock

Large Cobblestone Road with Sidewalk

Product no.: 35087

This is a very large single piece casting in resin depicting a cobblestone road with sidewalk. The road and sidewalk are suitably worn and uneven for a realistic look. This road and sidewalk is big enough to house a complete diorama and could easily be cut to size. A partial building could easily be placed on top of the sidewalk.

19.83 *
In stock

Large Cobblestone Road

Product no.: 35169

This is a large cobblestone road section with rounded, rectangular stones and is well detailed throughout including a beautifully detailed manhole cover. The resin road measures 29,5x22cm. Scale 1/35 - 54mm.

17.24 *
In stock

Sidewalk Super Set

Product no.: 35177

This is a clever sidewalk set containing 3 large straight pieces, 2 outside corner pieces and 1 inside corner piece. Each piece is superbly detailed. Due to the flexibility of this sidewalk system, you can build any configuration you like.
17.24 *
In stock
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