Ordering & Shipping Costs

Ordering Options

-Shopping cart; the easiest way is to use our secure shopping cart. You can add and delete items from the shopping cart at any time.

-Email or snailmail; If you do not want to use the shopping cart you can send your order by email or post it by mail. You can find all the information you need in the "Contact Information" section of our website.

We ship to any country in the world!

Payment Options

-Via PayPal; you don't have to pay directly at our shopping cart check out as it is very difficult to calculate the actual shipping costs automatically on our site. The shipping costs are set at 1,00 euro automatically, please ignore them.

After we've received your order and we have calculated the exact shipping costs,  we will send you a request for payment via PayPal asap.  The request for payment via PayPal works really easy: you receive an email from us where we request a payment from you for the ordered goods and the shipping costs. You follow the link in the email and you will be transferred to the PayPal site where you can pay for your order.

You don't even have to set up an account with them anymore to make a payment. However, if you want the additional benefits of a paypal account such as, account payment history, no need to keep entering your credit card details everytime you make a purchase, then signing up for an account is advisable.

-Payment in advance; after we've received your order, we wil send you a detailed overview of your order and the shipping costs. Next, you transfer the total amount of your order to our bankaccount. This works easier as you might think, in most countries it is even possible to transfer money internationally by internet banking. Our banknumber, IBAN code and BIC code can be found in the "contact" section on our website.  We will ship your order as soon as we receive the total amount of your order on our bankaccount.

By sending you the payment request afterwards, it is much easier for us to calculate the precise shipping costs and you never pay too much for the shipping costs!



Shipping options

Standard Shipping; this option is roughly 40% cheaper than Priority Mail but slower and has no track and trace. If you are not in a hurry, we advice you to choose this option.

Priority Shipping with Track and Trace; this option is 40% more expensive but 2 to 3 days faster and has track and trace then Standard shipping.

If you want a special shipping method, please let us know.


Shipping Costs

Have a look at the table below to have an indication of the standard shipping costs. Please bear in mind that 90% of all our orders are either shipped in an envelope or in a package < 2kg.


The Netherlands shipping costs in Euro:

Envelope:     0,46 - 2,30

Package < 10kg:     7,00


European Union shipping costs in Euro:

Standard Shipping:              Priority Shipping with T&T

Envelope:   0,90 - 7,20                   0,90 - 7,20

Package < 2kg:     10,00                           14,00

Package 2-5kg:   - 19,50               

Package 5-10kg:   - 25,00


Rest of Europe shipping costs in Euro:

Standard Shipping:         Priority Shipping with T&T

Envelope:   0,90 - 10,00                         0,90 - 10,00

Package < 2kg:     13,00                                      18,50

Package 2-5kg:   - 25,00               

Package 5-10kg:   - 31,00


Rest of World shipping costs in Euro:

Standard Shipping:         Priority Shipping with T&T

Envelope:   0,90 - 11,00                           0,90 - 11,00

Package < 2kg:     19,00                                       24,00

Package 2-5kg:   -                                             35,00

Package 5-10kg:      -                                             60,00 


 Satisfaction Guarantee

We do not want you to accept anything from Reality in Scale that is not completely satisfactory in any way. If you are not completely satisfied with any item, you may return it within 14 days in the original packaging. You will be fully refunded, excluding the return postal charge  and excluding the Paypal charge.

If a part of a kit is damaged, missing or in any way not looks like it is supposed to be, we will send you a replacement part free of charge.